Why Marry a Hungarian Woman?

Hungarian women are beautiful, talented and smart. But how do I know our marriage would work out?  Here are some facts you can ponder to determine if a Hungarian woman is right for you:

1The Hungarian population has a much lower divorce rate than Americans. This is likely because married couples have clearly defined roles: the man is the man and the woman the women. Also,  there is no economic benefit to divorce your spouse. After you marry a Hungarian you become a part of “The Family”, which is tight-knit, to say the least. This brings on a whole family community of marriage counselors, business partners and close friendships. This familial cohesion can support  and mitigate a difficulties in marriage.

2Hungary never had a feminist movement because women were always respected by and equals to men. The direct result of this is they never lost their femininity and believe it to be “powerful” to look, act and walk like a real woman.

3Hungarian women are raised to be excellent and loyal mothers and wives. Most Hungarians feel it is their duty and actually enjoy taking excellent care of their husbands and children. They are extremely hard workers and will protect their family at any cost. They are best described as having an Italian-like loyalty to their loved ones. They don’t gossip and prefer to have a few close friends rather than many superficial friends.

4Hungarian women are not so well-known by Americans yet, but are well-known throughout Europe, and especially Germany, as being the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world. German men are well-aware of this and many travel to Hungary to find a wife. Based on our studies, German men lack desire for German women for the same reason American men lack desire for their counterparts: lack of femininity. Hungarians are also, on average, much thinner and healthier than Americans or Germans. This adds to the “treasured spouse” effect.

5Unlike American or Russian women, Hungarian women generally choose their mates based not on shallow characteristics like money or appearance, but rather personality, intelligence and health. In contrast, it’s fairly unusual for an extremely beautiful American women to be seen with an Average Joe, but quite common in Hungary. Due to the high woman to man population ratio, even the most beautiful of women find themselves lucky to find a suitable mate.

6Hungarian women are far more sexually open and secure with their bodies than American women. This is mainly because of their culture. It’s not uncommon for Hungarian parents to let their children up to the age of ten to roam naked freely around the backyard or the beach . Sex is considered a fun and enjoyable topic of discussion rather than taboo. Marriage with a sexually uninhibited wife contributes to a more rewarding marriage. To Hungarians, the female body is something to behold, not hide. Don’t be surprised to find your Hungarian wife trotting around the house in the nude or her wanting to have a serious kiss in public! They generally prefer to wear classy but sexy clothes and most like to wear high-heels in public rather than shoes or sandals. Tight jeans are catching on but most still prefer short skirts or elegant sun dresses.

7Hungarian women generally view American men as “exotic” and “intelligent” rather than holding the “rich” or “vulgar” stereotypes found in Western Europe.

8There are virtually no religious constraints on Hungarian women regarding marriage and most will happily conform to your religion, whatever that may be. However, don’t expect her to believe anything. Hungarians are natural skeptics and take every non-proven myth with a grain of salt.

9Hungarian women are used to having a much harder life than Americans and have adapted to hard work, low income and an appreciation for the simple things in life. Having a “survivalist” spouse/ally can be a great asset to your family during economic hardship, disaster or civil unrest.

10Hungarian women still have old-world traditional values about taking care of the family, home and generally are highly trained cooks, scoffing at pre-made and frozen T.V dinners as being the “lazy woman’s food”.

Benefits of a Hungarian wife:

1Having a second home in Europe.

2Unlike Russia and Ukraine, Hungary is a member of the EU and a strong ally of the U.S.. Just as your Hungarian wife can easily gain U.S. citizenship, you can also gain EU citizenship-giving you travel and work access to all of Western, Central and Eastern Europe. An EU passport also gives you free travel access to Ukraine and Russia, two countries that require stringent and costly entry visas for Americans.

3Expanding your business ties to all of Europe. Hungarians are highly respected in the European community and are considered “heroes” to Germans, whom they gave free refugee status during the Eastern German Iron Curtain era. Germans and French are more likely to trust and conduct business with Hungarians than Italians, Russians or Ukrainians.

4Having a Hungarian wife gives you direct access to her wonderful language, culture and food.

5Bilingual children. Hungarian is an ancient and beautiful language. Most Hungarian women will insist on talking to and teaching your children in her mother tongue. Children can easily become fluent in both languages which will give them broadened opportunity later in life…having access to higher Hungarian education, etc. Many studies have shown bi-cultural/bi-lingual children have higher IQs and higher life-success rates than average children.

6Hungary permits dual citizenry. Children of a Hungarian parent are automatically granted citizenship status regardless of where the child is born. Again this gives your child free travel and work access throughout Europe and America when they grow up. Hungary provides free and excellent higher educationto its citizens.

7Hungarian women are “savers” rather than “spenders” and prefer to invest rather than holding or saving paper currencies. This is a result of the extremely high hyperinflationary period in Hungary during the 1940s where the Hungarian Pengo’s value evaporated literally overnight.  Most have never owned a credit card or acquired any kind of debt and are pretty suspicious of debtors and banks in general. They prefer to use cash for purchases. Most Hungarians prefer to save up then purchase a home, rather than obtaining a loan.

8Hungarian women are encouraged to seek a higher levels of education than American women and a high percentage acquire professional degrees and training. Having a highly educated and/or professionally trained spouse increases your family’s chances of economic freedom or can act as a safety net in times of economic stress.

9Hungarian women are statistically much better drivers than American women. This is mostly due to more stringent driving training and testing before obtaining a license. You will rarely see them using their cell phone while driving.

10Hungarian women, having similar values and aspirations to Americans, will adapt to the American life much easier than their Eastern European neighbors in Russia and Ukraine. For instance, Hungarians smile, “get jokes”, kid around, laugh, cry and show expressions similarly to American women. Russian and Ukrainian women can have a hard time adapting to these simple Western traits and can seem overly serious to Americans, putting potential strains on your social life. There is a fairly large and welcoming Hungarian-American community in the Seattle area called the Hungarian American Association, which will help your wife integrate and make friends.


  1. Alexander Tourism04-28-2011

    thanks very much , very nice

  2. Paul05-13-2011

    I am married to a lovely Hungarian lady and can confirm that most of what you say here is spot on. Hungarians in general are unique but the Hungarian women I have met are among the most captivating and capably people one can imagine. Truly special.

  3. Kathleen Arki07-09-2011

    I am a Hungarian woman born here in the US. I do see myself as you described and that is why I find myself so different from American women.

  4. Henny07-27-2011

    I’m an Iranian woman and lucky to be married to a Hungarian. I would say most about Hungarian men. They are the most romantic in the world unlike the world-famouse French or Italian men. They are very kind and know how to look after their women. I must say that I find Hungarian men both young and from the older generation more passionate about their women than vice versa. I recommend Hungarian men to my lady friends all over the world.

  5. Greg Gouveia07-31-2011

    Well, I must say that all your info. on Hungarian women is right on. I just finished my second date with Eva and she is like no other gal that I have ever dated in my life. I could go on and on about her qualities. We had such a great time as our second date consisted of the whole day together. She is amazingly gorgeous with or without makeup. I kept her laughing all day because she understood all my jokes. She’s smart as a whip! – Greg San Luis Obispo, California

  6. Jessi08-11-2011

    I am Dutch and I find Hungarian woman extremely atractive and smart. I also think they can be the most sensual ever, balancing this with a strong care for their counterpartner. My Hungarian girl is a good good girl.

  7. Tundi08-15-2011

    I am a Hungarian woman born in the U.S. and I can say that many of these qualities ring true for me and make me
    extremely proud and honored to be called Hungarian. Men from anywhere in the world will be captivated
    by the unique and wonderful qualities of the Hungarian woman ;)

  8. marco09-03-2011

    have been living with hungarian woman 3 1/2 years. Been married 1 year. Best years of my life. Best woman ever. A bit overprotective at times, but well worth the trouble :) .

  9. Doug Hoppe09-23-2011

    I’ve been happily married for many years, I would gladly marry a Hungarian again! One note, they can be nuts during and after pregnancy for a while…

  10. Ursula Köhrer09-27-2011

    My friend is hungarian and it is really true, that for me, as a German woman, it is not so easy to fulfill or undestand the expectations of a hungarian man. Let us say my wife skills are not comparable to these of a hungarian women. Nevertheless hungarian men never let you go if they are in love and are never tired to teach you.

  11. vicky patel01-07-2012

    i m going to marry hungarian women. wish me good luck……….. Thanks a lot.

  12. Carpis01-11-2012

    I am looking for a hungarian girlfriend. I am Brasilian and will be greatfully pleased to introduce my wonderfull country to her.

  13. Chris01-16-2012

    I’m so glad I found this site. I have the most difficult time finding a compatible woman in the US despite my generosity, intelligence and good looks-American women focus too much on a mans ‘show’ and less his personality. From what I read here I hope to find a beautiful Hungarian woman for me.

  14. Ken Arlands02-03-2012

    I just met an hungarian woman and she seem to be honest, loving, caring, & understanding, She is everything I have been looking for in a woman. I dont know her very well yet but she could be the one. I wish I found her sooner.

  15. xero92502-06-2012

    WOW! Hungarian ladies seem to be quit nice! I wonder if they would marry a Black American man?

  16. Paul S.02-17-2012

    I’m Italian/Irish mix, and I’m in love with a beautiful Hungarian woman. Most of what’s said above is true and for that, she’s amazing and I couldn’t be more happy! She’s thoughtful, caring, loving, giving, a hard worker, a great cook, and the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, among many other great qualities! I feel like the luckiest guy in the world! I’m hoping to spend the rest of my life with her and start a wonderful family together!

    I love You… Baby B.


  17. Simon02-18-2012

    Im marrying a Hungarian woman in June. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m looking forward to a happy life together.

    Not sure if what you say is only true of Hungarian women. If it is though, how lucky am I.

  18. julie02-22-2012

    Hungarian men are disrespectful towards woman, and use them as horses.
    Dating a Hungarian you are more likely to be used. He will live of your money to save his.
    Hungarians men are cons, mental abusers, jealous, and very, very arrogant.
    Was married to a Hungarian for 12 years, the most dark time of my life.
    Finely was smarten up and found new life.

  19. Fullmetal03-15-2012

    Yes I have the same question as xero925 do they like black american men?

  20. Ildi04-05-2012

    I’m a Hungarian woman married to a Hungarian man, and as such I’d confirm all of the above. Both Hungarian men and women are far more romantic and loyal to their spouses than other nations I know of. And I’m sure – being a Hungarian as a Foreign Language Teacher as well – that we are keen on teaching our language to our children even if we are married to another nation’s men :) And it shall contribute to the cleverness of these children too as Hungarian is indeed, one of the most difficult languages of this world. And I even know guys who finished learning Chinese as they have heard that it is more difficult to learn Hungarian. And they changed for the challenge! :)

  21. Jim Dawkins04-08-2012

    I can vouch for the fact that not only are Hungarian women statistically better drivers than Americans, but also their Dutch and Swedish counterparts.

    I find safe driving an important feature in a prospective relationship.


    ps. I reluctantly inform you that the stain of racism has spread across this great land since the fall of the East German Iron Curtain era.

  22. Kitti04-09-2012

    Well, I read this all… I am a hungarian woman 19 years old… and I think this is a good “advertisement” for us :) I have part of my family in the U.S. (long story related to my father’s uncle) I will ask them if this is true in my case as well :) It felt good to read all the good things about hungarian women :)

  23. shoaib zafar04-23-2012

    i m going to marry hungarian women. wish me good luck……….. Thanks a lot.

  24. Electra Karr04-28-2012

    My best friend is a Hungarian girl. She works in human resources at a mid-tier accounting firm in the city., though finds the work a tad tedious. Even so, she’s looking at a couple years there before moving on – she’s got student loans. She currently has a boyfriend who has tried a string of small business ventures that have not been too great, he’s always talking about ‘the economy’ and how he’s waiting for a upswing or something.

    Electra Karr

  25. Shaob Aktar04-28-2012


    I am waiting for a chance to marry a Hungary person, because I am very giving and generous. Because I know I am very straight and fast, a right-down-the-pitch sort of person, I know that a Hungarian would suit me perfectly. I do not like girls who are always on the front foot, it puts me off, squarely. Although they are Hungary, i personally like them without padding. Fantastic peope, fantastic food; and they love the fast paced and take it in their stride. beautiful.


  26. wilson05-01-2012

    I would like to marry a hungarian women who is around 30 to 35 yera s of age.

  27. kkate05-07-2012

    I found this site and im just hoping that theres one like this tha features why marry a hungarian man. I met my hungarian fiance online, i didnt know him too well, but weve fallen in love the frst time we lqud eyes on each other. Sometimes he’s strict and doesbt want me to question his ideas, and sometimes, despite of his sweetness, he’s just over tempered he gets angry fast. Is it normal for hungarian man to act that way? Well get married this december.

  28. Hungarian woman please email me :D05-12-2012

    ok. nice info…i’ll hunt one of them :D yeaaaaah

  29. JAMi05-15-2012

    “Hungarian men are disrespectful towards woman, and use them as horses….
    Hungarians men are cons, mental abusers, jealous, and very, very arrogant.”
    It is true!!

    “I’m an Iranian woman and lucky to be married to a Hungarian. I would say most about Hungarian men. They are the most romantic in the world unlike the world-famouse French or Italian men. They are very kind and know how to look after their women.”
    It is true, too!!

    Hey girls! Use your eyes!! (Open, when you choose your man!!) :-)

  30. Matt05-15-2012

    I’m from Canada and today was the first time I ever spoke to a Hungarian girl. This is how it happened. I just left the grocery store and got into my car. A girl came up to me and ask me if I could help her. She needed money for food because she and her family were having troubles getting by. Her dad worked for cash but not getting enough money to support them. Her mom was with her and she was 5 months pregnant. I don’t know how hard their life was in Hungary but they came here just 1 year ago looking for a change. Just because you come to Canada doesn’t mean everything will go well. This was true for them. I was in my car listening while she told me this. Just listening to her voice made me feel good about her and I believed her every word. I was mesmerized by her courage and strength to ask a total stranger for money or food. That is very difficult and I would think embarrassing as well. I said sure I’d love to buy you and your mother a meal. It was a short walk to the restaurant but we talked like we were on a date. It seemed pretty natural talking to her. She looked very sincere and honest and she was so beautiful. She loved the bible and was very positive even being in the situation they were in. Im not the most positive person but I’m very honest and have a good heart. I’m so glad I got to meet this Hungarian woman. For those few minutes that I’ve known her and how she made me feel so happy I really think she could be someone I want to love and be with. I know nothing about her culture but my first meeting is something I’ll never forget. Her name was Sonya.

  31. Attila05-30-2012


    Having been all over Europe racism is evident all over the EU and not just in the countries where the iron curtain once reigned!

  32. Cintia06-23-2012

    Awww , I am very happy now to read this , becouse of that good statemant and becouse most of you don’t think , we hungarian girls are slut ( sorry for the language ) . I wish the best os you all who will be married and yes most of the hungarian people don’t care about the skin color when they choose their partner . My cousin Dóra has a german boyfriend and they enjoy all their time together .
    Yes we have terrible persones too , but what country not ?
    Well it was a little bit long comment , but I felt the need to write this .
    All the best to you !

  33. Linda06-28-2012

    I am 100% hungarian background, but born in Canada. I have been drowned out by the american culture. This has inspired me to go back to my roots, and learn hungarian again because after my father died nobody spoke it to me anymore. I have three children with a scottish man but he is a quarter hungarian. Hungarian is such a beautiful language and I am looking forward to becoming fluent again.
    To the black guys asking if a hungarian woman would marry a black man, it really depends. If she has a big family that she is close to, they would probably not agree with it. I dated a black guy once and my grandmother was shocked beyond belief. But these women are more about the friendship than anything else, so it could happen. And I think old school Hungary is coming around to modern ideas about multiculturalism and there are black people in Hungary that immerse themselves in the culture that might be excepted in a Hungarian family. In 40 years I would say being married to a black man would not be such a big deal as the old ideals may be more obsolete. Viszontlatasra, es koszonom a gondolatatol.

  34. yani06-28-2012

    Reading this i find that most of the virtuos of the hungarian women we latin women have it too.we are feminine and beautiful too.and yet lot of european men come around southamerica to find a good wife,and we are warm hearted not like the cold european women.
    And here had come some inmigration from eastern europe and they ask for food or money to strangers,also our people that live in poverty dó and it s pretty sad.so Mat you should do something for that girl and get her out of the streets,and sure she will a lot better wife than a canadian women with silicon i think.you should marrie to her.

  35. Viktória07-05-2012

    Hello! I am a woman from Hungary too, and when i looked at these posts, that made me very happy. Most of the women here have really hard life. Not becouse of men (couse all country has their idiots). The Hungarian life is so hard this time. People dont have so much money. We grown up in a world where we all learned how to save as money as we can. We need to do a lot of things, like work as men, do all the housework, rear the child, hold the family together, ect. But do u know what i say to this? Most of us love this. We love the stirring life. I am very happy to be a Hungarian. We have beautiful places, delicious wines, fantastic history. We dont have so much money, but i dont care. I have a happy life, and that is much more important then money.

    And to get a bit sample from our language, i write this down as my hungarian mother language.

    Hello! Én szintén egy magyar nő vagyok, és amikor megláttam ezeket a bejegyzéseket, nagyon örültem. A legtöbb itteni nőnek nehéz élete van. Nem a férfiak miatt (minden országban vannak idióták). A magyar élet nehéz ezekben az időkben. Az embereknek nincs túl sok pénzük. Olyan világban nőttünk fel, ahol megtanultuk, hogy spóroljunk annyit, amennyit tudunk. Sok dolgot kell csinálnunk, úgy dolgozunk mint a férfiak, csináljuk a házimunkát, neveljük a gyermeket, együtt tartjuk a családot, stb. De tudjátok mit mondok erre? A legtöbbünk imádja. Szeretjük a mozgalmas életet. Boldog vagyok, hogy magyar lehetek. Gyönyörű tájaink, finom boraink, és fantasztikus történelmünk van. Nincs sok pénzünk, de én nem bánom. Boldog életem van, és ez sokkal fontosabb, mint a pénz.

    Greetings from Hungary / Üdvözlet Magyarországról

  36. mimi09-15-2012

    I am a young Hungarian woman and I could confirm almost both of the 10 points.
    For those who asked for racism (marrying a black man): I wouldn’t say that it is a problem for hungarian women. It is something very exotic, different, “attractive” etc. Hungarian people are a little bit pessimistic (due to different reasons – economic situation, political trubbles, history) and marrying somebody from a foreign country is always “refreching” in a way that you can exit this pessimistic cercle that we hope for. (Certainly, there are different opinions depending on your background.)
    There is a very simple rule for getting along with Hungarian women: be attentive and respectful. If you do 1 thing for them, they will do 10 things for You in return. Be carefull, It is also right in the negative sense! ;)
    To conclude, I would say that Hungarian women are both interesting and pleasant to live with, they are very deap-hearted and intellligent women. I am copletely proud of being a Hungarian woman. :)

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