Not Just Any Women, Hungarian Women!

Hajni, Hungarian Beauty Member

It’s a noble pursuit, chasing those most wonderful of women: Hungarian women. And though you’re more exotic to them then you’d ever imagined, dating is not as easy as it looks. A few tips on the social subtleties, then, for your perusal. Should you come to Hungary, a nation of the most indescribably dazzling women in the world, you’ll thank your lucky stars for these tips.

All right, here’s the little known truth. Pay attention, foreign guys, and I’ll tell you what exactly what sort are the all-time hottest, most gorgeous, sexiest, most gosh darn it perfect sexiest women: Hungarian girls. A whole new world of opportunities presents itself for the man who never thought himself exotic, one who was never a magnet for women, or at least tired of American girls. Hungarian women are the cure for your ills, my friend.

Should you heed my words and come to Hungary, this land of beautiful women, you will no doubt exploit the chance to date. Good on you! And to get a start, you don’t even need to go out, to speak the language (though to hear that mysterious and sexy Hungarian hot from your date’s lips is enough of a turn on to morph any red-blooded male into a LaRousse wannabe), or even to have arrived.

So there you are in Hungary, love  is in the air because it’s summertime and everywhere – everywhere! – are women. (Hungarian attitudes, of course, are a bit more relaxed than those of Anglo cultures, and so if you stare, you stare. And admit it: You stare.) Unlike American women, the women here don’t seem to mind how big your eyes are on them.

And maybe you a lucky one and you’ve already got a date. Again, good on you! Now take a little advice from one who has played the game and won, well, a few times:

Call first. At basic level, it’s a sneaky way to find out how much English she speaks. No doubt she’s gotten some words and phrases from high school classes, but has she ever spoken to an actual Anglophone? Communication is key, and so you must know what she will and won’t understand. As long as you’re not condescending, she’ll be thankful for it.

Bring flowers. Of all the impressions, the first is key, right? Bring flowers, my man, to any social occasion, but a first, most of all on blind dates. Hungarian custom doesn’t call for going overboard (see “Don’t be a snob” below), but bring flowers. And for some reason everyone in Hungary ports their flowers upside down. Do it. The sort of charming quirks that Americans like to sport in order to mark their distinctiveness won’t fly here. Keep a low profile and bring the damn flowers upside down. Oh, and have I mentioned to bring flowers?

Be confident. Yes, this is eternally true everywhere, but here it’s doubly so. The weak-willed and weak-kneed won’t be welcomed by women, Hungarian lasses not at all. The Hungarian woman is stubborn yet fun and would like the same from you. Okay, maybe not too stubborn – you have to give in sometimes, after all.

Don’t be a snob. All right, you’re there sitting before this beautiful Hungarian. Sex is on your mind – it’s okay, she already knows – it’s a thin line for the prospective wooer of the Hungarian. Sex may be fine to discuss, but don’t brag about material wealth, unlike Americans they simply interested. Flowers will do and if she’s hungry a Túro rudi will hold her over.

Play it cool. You may, how shall I put it, grab the golden ring on the first date. Things seem to be getting more conservative in this regard, but a very interesting recent EU poll showed that the most sex per capita was held not by the Italian, French or Greek women, but instead the Hungarian. Hot yet? Be cool, my friend, and good luck.

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  1. Chris02-11-2012

    I appreciate the good information and have decided that I wil look for my future wife in Hungary

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